Designing Interactiveness for Greater Purpose.

Equal Jungle is a multidisciplinary designer.
Their craft is intermingling design, technology and humanity.

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Design Skills Range

Working to create the best design solutions to solve your challenges with a range of designs to make the project standout above and beyond.


Crafting a unique identity that makes brands stand out. I can work with new development or existing businesses with the brand guidelines.


Bringing stories to life, I create both 2D and 3D motions. Whether it's to add animation to illustrations, or adding visual effects to branded environments.


I have great interest in creating web applications and features. I have knowledge in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, with the end goal of learning to create more front-end developed projects.


Creating added interactivity to my designs creates a deeper connection and experience. Adapting to technologies like WebAR and ARVR is a passion I bring.

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